We would like to thank everyone at the American Bar Association who had a hand in making the 2014 Techshow a success.  From our perspective, everything from check-in to wi-fi access to expo hall organization went off without a hitch.  There was a constant stream of traffic to our booth and we enjoyed the quality discussions we had with prospective clients, prospective employees, and members of the media.  One highlight was meeting Ed Poll, the founder of The LawBiz Practice Management Institute, and the other was meeting a veteran attorney who showed all his yo-yo tricks from the days he used to tour the country for the Duncan yo-yo company.

We truly appreciated all of the feedback we received from attendees regarding the value of the virtual transcription and legal assistant services we offer.  We understand how complicated the practice of law has become, and take pride knowing that we play a role in simplifying the process. We love seeing the relief in a client’s eyes when they realize just how many administrative tasks our virtual assistants can handle for them, enabling them to focus on billable matters.

Something as simple as transcribing an attorney’s voicemail on a regular basis can be a lifesaver for a busy attorney.  Simply provide your dedicated legal secretaries with your login information and s/he can type up your messages as often as you like.  Most attorneys like having their messages waiting for them when they arrive in the office in the morning and then again when they return from lunch.  No more time spent playing & replaying messages just to obtain critical information like a new client’s phone number.  Having all of your messages simply waiting in your inbox allows you to quickly assess the status of various matters and prioritize your time.  You can also respond to your virtual legal assistant with simple instructions on how s/he can handle matters raised in your messages, even screen prospective clients.

This is just one example of a task easily delegated to a virtual legal secretary.  If you would like more information about our services, please call Deb Monaco, our Client Services Coordinator, at 330-230-9965 x2.