Why hire a legal typist as a virtual assistant? There are only 24 hours in a day and you should spend at least eight of those hours catching some zzz’s. Your secretary likely already has a full plate of work which means it’s time to grow. Did you know you can outsource tasks to a legal typist beyond transcription? And your secretary will thank you!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out How to Do A Time Audit to identify where your or your secretary needs assistance.


Meet LeAnna, an E-Typist Virtual Assistant

Our very own legal typist LeAnna Burdett is also an E-Typist Virtual Assistant. She looks at E-Typist as so much more than a transcription company.

With 12 years of experience as part of the team, LeAnna has seen what E-Typist can do to help grow a company.

During her tenure with E-Typist, LeAnna has done a wide range of tasks for her legal clients. She primarily works for a patent law firm and does administrative work for another firm. As a legal typist and virtual assistant her role is never boring. There’s always a new challenge to tackle.

In addition to transcription, here are some tasks that LeAnna does as a virtual legal assistant.


Billing, Matter and Account Management

Many law firms utilize the legal accounting software PCLaw for their billing, matter and account management.  While this software can keep you organized, it can also be time consuming.  One of LeAnna’s tasks is to enter an attorney’s time into PCLaw.  This is a huge time saver for the secretary.

Armed with knowledge of PCLaw, LeAnna is also able to download payroll reports. These can be used to create invoices. Even without the software, LeAnna is able to create invoices for clients.

Patent Work

Working with a patent law firm means LeAnna is well versed in patent law. In addition to legal transcription, LeAnna edits patent documents. She is also able to pull figures from online resources, freepatentsonline.com and patents.google.com. “This saves the secretary time in going to the sites and formatting the figures into the documents,” says LeAnna.

Asset Creation

A legal typist virtual assistant is an asset to any law firm and not just for their transcription skills. LeAnna says that she is able to create templates, forms, tables and graphs. If a form is outdated and in need of an update, LeAnna can recreate it. For forms that are recurring, LeAnna can cut down on time by creating a template.

Marketing Material

With an ever-growing caseload of work, development of marketing materials may get pushed to the bottom of the pile. When lawyers attend seminars or conferences, LeAnna is able to help by organizing digital assets such as contact lists. LeAnna can also maximize marketing reach through a bulk mailing.

Content Writing

A legal typist virtual assistant like LeAnna isn’t only quick on the keys, but adept at content writing, too. LeAnna has helped a client write a book. She dictated the client’s thoughts and helped to edit the copy. While long form content takes time, LeAnna can craft short form newsletter content to inform, educate and entertain.

How to Add a Legal Typist Virtual Assistant to Your Team

When it comes to time-saving tasks that E-Typist can help you accomplish, the list is long! From PCLaw invoices to mail merges and an even assistant authorship, a legal typist virtual assistant is really just scratching the surface of what E-Typist can do to help you. Do you need to hire a legal typist virtual assistant? We offer free, no-pressure consultations to determine where and how E-Typist can be a good fit for your organization or your legal team. Get more hours back in your day by calling 1-833-ETYPIST today or email Vivian@etypist.com.