From large businesses to two-person operations, learning to work virtually has been an adjustment for workplaces in a wide range of industries. Zoom has replaced the boardroom and Slack has become the new watercooler. As millions of United States employees hunker down to continue to work from home for the indefinite future, there are fully remote companies operating business as usual.

There are lessons to be learned from businesses that were setup to operate virtually. Here are five fully remote businesses that show you how to thrive online only! In some cases, these businesses can be hired to help other businesses streamline their operations.


Upworthy is an online-based media company that aims to tell positive stories that bring people together. Founded in 2012 by Eli Pariser, the former executive director of MoveOn, and Peter Koechley, the former managing editor of The Onion, the site receives monthly page views in the millions and became one of the fastest growing media sites of all-time. How did they grow so fast? By relying on feel-good content and emotional headlines that draw people in to want to read more.


As an expert in all-things digital, Clevertech helps companies launch iOs and Android apps, web applications and other web-based experiences. With a staff of 100 digital nomads located around the world, they are a remote-first company. To ensure a strong remote company culture, Clevertech offers flexible working hours, opportunities for continuing education and the ability to network with fellow digital experts globally. is a 100% employee owned fully-remote company made up of 50 associates. The company’s simple three-step process allows their customers to customize more than 50 different products. Founded in 2008, was born out a Harvard Business School case study that outlined the first all-remote company.

Time Doctor

Managing productivity can be one of the biggest challenges when working remotely. Time Doctor created a solution to track productivity through time-tracking monitoring software. Their software integrates into 32 different products including Slack and Trello. This fully remote company employs more than 60 people in 30 countries around the world. To ensure streamlined communication,   Time Doctor sends reports on a daily basis to company managers.


That’s us! E-Typist is a fully remote company that offers legal transcription and virtual assistant services for lawyers and law professionals. Our team is entirely US-based. We use Slack as a communication tool to ensure a consistent and high-quality standard of work across the team.

Working from home may be new to some businesses but virtual-based work has existed for more than ten years. Businesses can thrive online just in the same way they do in office spaces. Many of these businesses have perfected the art of remote work and even created solutions to help streamline other business operations.

Learn more about E-Typist legal transcription and virtual assistant services and let our remote business expertise help you!