Everyone uses email, obviously. But there are a number of common errors that even professionals make, so, from time to time, it is good to be reminded of how to put on your best possible face as you communicate through the surprisingly difficult minefield that email can be. A lot of this has to do with appearance—you don’t want to look like you’re running your law office out of your bedroom.

Technology for Lawyers writer Richard Weiner recently posted these email tips for lawyers and we thought many were good enough to pass along:

1.  Never use work email for personal reasons, or vice versa.

2. Get an email address that reflects your website’s domain name (joesmith@attorneysmith.com).  And use your own name–first, last or both. Don’t try to be humorous or ironic.

3. Use the settings in your email account so that your name appears in the “From” line.  This ensures that recipients know immediately who the email is from and identify your email as something other than spam.

4. Make sure that the subject line is clear and accurate.

5. Make sure that your signature appears at the bottom of every email, along with your contact information and website.

6. Edit those lengthy disclaimers at the bottom of every law firm email down to the bare essentials. While they may be necessary, they don’t have to be longer than the email.

7. Don’t write in all caps–  IT MEANS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING.  Rather than read it with extra attention, your reader is likely to ignore it completely.

Follow these tips from E-Typist and our virtual assistant services and you won’t look like you’re running your law office out of your bedroom.