Karen B., Washington

I love my job because I am helping attorneys and their staff to save them time and lightening their workload.  I have worked for E-Typist for 6 years.  I really enjoy interaction with management; such good, patient, and understanding people, as well as a good feeling of being part of the team!

Karen B. Washington September 12, 2018

Bobbi C., Ohio

I have worked for E-Typist for several years and I absolutely love it.  I am retired and enjoy being able to work from home and having the flexibility to work on my own schedule.  Between Vivian and the people at the Answers Desk, there is always someone available to cheerfully help out with any transcription issues.  Their IT Department is always available to help with technical problems as well.  The investment is minimal – a foot pedal and headset and you’re ready to go!

Bobbi C. Ohio September 12, 2018

Theresa S., Virginia

I have been with E-Typist since 2009.  It has been the best work-from-home job I’ve ever had.  Everyone is treated as a person and not just a typist number in the system.  I was promoted to Project/QA Manager about a year ago and I have to say I love it.  Our Answer Desk team is one of the best things I enjoy, we work well together and help each other out when addressing troubleshooting issues from typists and clients.  The typists we have are the best to work with, they are fun loving people and very serious about their work product as well.  They are always willing to help out if the need arises with a rush project, etc.  It’s all about teamwork and that’s what E-Typist is all about.

Theresa S. Virginia September 12, 2018

Steve Clark

E-Typist does an excellent job – transcriptions are accurate and timely and the service is personal and top-notch. I recommend E-Typist without reservation.

July 16, 2013

Leanna B., Ohio

I live a very busy life as wife, mom, piano accompanist and teacher, and a pastor’s wife.  Ten years ago when I found Vivian, our family was in desperate need of additional income but we also needed me to be at home with our two young boys.  E-Typist was a perfect match, allowing me to work from home and set my hours to work around our crazy calendar.  These ten years later my boys don’t need me as much, but I could never imagine not continuing to work with E-Typist.  It still allows me to work around my schedule.  The schedule isn’t the only perk ~ Vivian is a wonderful person to work with.  The best leaders are those who lead by example, and Vivian is always there to to work along side anyone who needs assistance.  My family is blessed to have found Vivian and E-Typist.

Leanna B. Ohio September 12, 2018

Leasa H., California

I am a mom to a wonderfully quirky, fun-loving son who just happens to be diagnosed with severe nonverbal autism and with that comes the impossible task of being able to work outside the home.  I never anticipated staying home forever but when my son was diagnosed I knew home was where he needed me to be.  I needed to be sure he was taken care of and could be watched day in and day out.  I needed to monitor the therapists to be sure he was getting everything he needed.  But with all that comes a desire to feel that I still needed more.
I absolutely love transcription work.  I find it interesting and my absolute favorites are the stories that come with the caseworker jobs.  The longer the jobs the better!  I can lose myself in those jobs which is so needed when your entire world reveals around autism.
I have been working for E-Typist for about two years now.  It has been wonderful.  If I ever have a question on a job it’s always answered quickly and with such positive feedback.  I had worked for another transcription company for nearly 15 years prior and was never really happy but continued because I needed to be busy and feel like I am still contributing somehow.  It’s hard to find legitimate work on the internet which is so very sad.  I love everyone associated with this company.  Vivian, you have done a wonderful thing creating a place that is fun and rewarding to work for those that are not able to work outside the home.  This company is filled with wonderful contractors all of whom are a blessing.
I am also a part-time blogger and enjoy sharing stories of our journey living in the world of autism.  I have been married for 29 years to a wonderful man.  We have a 21-year-old son Justin who is neuro-typical and our 18-year-old son Cody who has nonverbal severe autism with I.D. 
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your online family!

Leasa H. California September 12, 2018

Erik Overberger, Esq.

E-Typist provides transcription services to my firm and has for approaching 4 years. The work quality and timeliness consistently exceeds my expectations. Vivian Saxe is always accessible and responsive to any needs that I have had. I highly recommend E-Typist.

November 18, 2013

Scott Friedman, Esq.

I have used e-typist and Vivian Saxe to assist me with transcription of dictation I do by phone. It is amazing. I dial a toll free number, dictate, and soon thereafter the completed product arrrives to me by email. I am an attorney who speciializes in family law. I am in court regularly and draft pleadings all the time. Vivian and her team are very prompt, they are accurate and easy to work with in all aspects. Their costs are reasonable, and I find Vivian’s service are a great addition to my practice and affords my staff the opportunity to work on other matters, and allows me to timely deliver finished product to my clients. I strongly recommend Vivian and e-typist

Scott Friedman Esq. November 18, 2013

Tara O., Missouri

I absolutely love my job with E-Typist because it gives me an opportunity to have a professional job in the legal field but to work from anywhere I have internet and my computer.  Since my family travels frequently, I have teenagers at home, and I need a flexible schedule on a remote basis, the ability to work from anywhere 24/7/365 is a significant advantage for me.  Ever since I started with E-Typist in 2017 I have proclaimed many times that I feel like this was the opportunity of a lifetime.  Vivian and the additional  managing staff are AMAZING to work with.  I love that they allow me to use my experience in both medical and legal terminology and documents.  I love IME/QMEs, record reviews, and deposition summaries!

Tara O. Missouri September 12, 2018

Florence L., Colorado

l love my job with E-Typist because it allows me the freedom to be home to take care of my husband and be with our granddaughters. A few years ago, I relocated from New York to Colorado and was able to take my job with me. Who get to do that? Oh, and did I mention I love typing!!! There is nothing better than doing what you love. I have worked with E-Typist for over 6 years. We have a great team and the Answers Desk is always there for you to answer any questions you have.

Florence L. Colorado September 12, 2018


I have been very pleased with the service that I have received from E-typist. The process is simple, the documents come back quickly and accurately, and Vivian is willing to help solve problems as they develop.  For a sole practitioner lawyer in need of assistance, E-typist is great.

July 16, 2013

Jeremy Roach, Esq.

Vivian’s services are invaluable in my line of work, her work is always timely and affordable and she immediately answers any inquiries nearly instantly. I wholeheartedly recommend E-Typist and Vivian and would implore others to make use of her service as well.

November 18, 2013

Thomas Dovidio, Esq.

Vivian Saxe and her E-Typist.com service is by far the very best I have ever used. My only fear in recommending her is that she will become so popular and in-demand that I will not be able to keep her service as my “secret resource” much longer! What I do is digitally record everything from an interview, conversation, legal pleading, letter, memo, etc. then upload that recording to Vivian (e-typist.com) as an audiofile. She then transcribes it and gets it back to in virtually perfect condition within 24 hours! She and her company are an unbelievable resource for me, a long time sole practitioner with a heavy civil litigation and family law practice. I recommend her with the highest of praise and thanks for creating such a unique and valuable service.

November 18, 2013

Jan V., Michigan

I was so excited when I began transcribing for E-Typist in 2010.  Having worked as a legal secretary back in the day of electric typewriters and carbon copies, I only dreamed of enjoying the legal world in my own home after starting our family of 4 boys. Fast forward to the internet and online servers! I quickly fell in love with the flexibility of working from home while caring for my boys and juggling their crazy schedules.  The bonus and icing on the cake is being part of a close-knit team.  We truly are a family and we work together like a well-oiled machine. We all bring our own unique qualities and professional field expertise to the transcription table giving Vivian the ability to ensure each attorney/client will have their unique transcription needs met.  In addition to excellent work quality, personal attention to each of our clients is high on our priority list.  I am also a team member for our “Answer Desk”, which is an invaluable email communication service for our clients and typists.    No leaving messages; no waiting on hold.  Any questions, rush requests, or special instructions are personally responded to within minutes.  We’d love for you to join our family!

Jan V. Michigan September 12, 2018

Shirley MacFarland

I have used e-Typist for transcriptions of several meetings with multiple people attending – not an easy thing to transcribe. But Vivian and her team do a wonderful job that is very accurate. Plus the process is simple and I always get fast turnaround and good prices.

July 16, 2013


The E-Typist Transcription Service has worked like magic  for me– responsive reliable and prompt. They delivered on time every time for special projects while I was a partner in a prestigious national law firm. I know of none better.

July 16, 2013

Betty D., Ohio

After I retired from my legal secretary job after 27 years, I searched for part-time income and I’ve been working for E-Typist for a little over five years now.  It is an excellent place to work and I like the fact that you do not have to be online at any certain time, you can work the hours you like.

The people I work with are all very friendly and helpful.  I have the Answer Desk to check on things you are not sure about and Vivian is always there to help you when you need extra help.

E-Typist is a great place to work!

Betty D. Ohio September 12, 2018

Jay Fleisher, Esq.

Vivian’s firm, E-Typist, has done transcription work for my law firm over the last five years. Her work product is excellent, and her service is timely.

November 18, 2013

Susan P., Florida

I started working for E-typist in 2014.  I have been a legal assistant for 40 years and retired in 2009 from the hustle and bustle of a legal office.  However, I found I missed “hearing” attorneys (imagine that!), so I discovered E-typist and have fulfilled my legal fix!  The staff and management at E-typist are awesome and willing to work with our schedules!  Although I started out with E-typist part-time, it has become my full-time job.  It is a win-win situation for everyone – the flexibility of my hours, transcribing letters, medical reports, deposition summaries, pleadings, etc. for assigned law firms, maintaining legal confidentiality concerns, as well as office interactions via email, all make me feel like I am part of their legal team from my home office in Florida.

Susan P. Florida September 12, 2018

Robin N., North Carolina

The flexibility of this job and the type of work had me at the start! I have worked with e-typist for about 2 years shortly after moving to Charlotte.  Being able to choose my own hours and still work in the legal field has been great for me.

The management treats me as a professional and is always there with guidance and suggestions, and that means a lot!  The help staff are the absolute best!

Robin N. North Carolina September 12, 2018

Dressler & Peters

Your transcription service is prompt, efficient, responsive, and reliable.

July 16, 2013

Laura C., Florida

Sometimes life throws you curveballs and you are not able to actually work outside the home in an office environment. I found myself in that very predicament when my husband became ill and I needed to work from home. I was very fortunate to cross paths with E-Typist’s owner, Vivian Saxe over a year ago. She was looking for transcriptionists with medical and legal background and I met the qualifications required. I began working for E-Typist and soon realized what a blessing this company truly was by enabling me to work from home on a schedule that fit my needs. The team at E-Typist is a pleasure to work for, from the owner to the proofers. I worked many, many years in the legal and medical profession in an office environment, but have never worked for such nice group as those employed by E-Typist/Vivian Saxe. If there was a way to give them a five-star rating I absolutely would.

Laura C. Florida September 28, 2018

David Disick, Esq.

I have had the pleasure of working with Vivian for a substantial period.  She and her team are extremely professional, accurate, responsive and experienced.  I recommend Vivian and her crew highly.

David Disick Esq. July 16, 2013

R. Blackman

Excellent service and product at a reasonable price.

July 16, 2013


Always reliable for the two things I need. Fast turn around. And highly accurate transcription of technical terminology.

July 16, 2013

San Diego, California

Our firm has used e-typist for virtually all of our dictation for about a year.  We are very satisfied with their work and their responsiveness.  Rushes really are back on your desk within one or two hours and everything else comes within one business day.  It is great to have such dependability at one’s fingertips.

July 16, 2013

Michael O’Reilly, Esq.

Vivian’s service, E-typist, has proven very valuable to me in my practice. Dictations are very easy to submit and the turnaround time and quality are impressive. Even with dictation software out there, the extra accuracy and formatting astuteness obtained from Vivian’s service makes it a great value proposition. The service helps out greatly if your in-office staff is too busy with other work, as well

November 18, 2013

Jana D., Mississippi

I have been working with E-Typist for six months and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. E-typist is a top-notch employer with extremely helpful and professional staff.  The best part of this job is the flexibility to stay at home, but also having the potential to earn great money. E-typist has technology that is easy to learn and easy to work with.  After working as a legal assistant for over 17 years, it was a huge decision to be a stay-at-home mom. It didn’t take me long to miss the legal world.  But, working with Vivian and her crew has allowed me to utilize and expand my legal knowledge without having to be away from home. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work for such a successful and professional company.

Jana D. Mississippi September 12, 2018


E-Typist has been great. Their product is excellent, the turnaround time is quick and the fees low. I intend to continue using their services in the future.

July 16, 2013

Sharon B., Texas

I have been an employee at E-Typist for five years.  I can personally attest to the courtesy and patience displayed by management and Help Desk employees.  I am grateful for the knowledge, care and attention that goes into managing everyday affairs.  Efficient, Teaching, Professionalism, Innovation, Skill and Team Work.

Sharon B. Texas September 12, 2018

Steve Franklin, Lockner & Crowley

E-Typist is a great transcription service. You can do your dictation on your Iphone, have it instantly sent out, and you will get it back the next day. The work is very high caliber and extremely reasonably priced. She is based in the USA which is a huge plus. I highly recommend this service for your transcription needs.

November 18, 2013