Merrill B. Gugerty, Esq.

“The single biggest benefit to me and my law firm since I began using E-Typist is that as an attorney who primarily does depositions and routinely produces lengthy deposition reports, E-Typist accurately, quickly, and for a reasonable price turns my work around so I can get it, “out the door” as I say -to my accounts who require it quickly. To me, E-Typist are better than other transcription vendors I’ve worked with because E-Typist is more reliable, professional and their prices are more reasonable. My experience working with E-Typist has been great. I’ve never had any real problems, and if I’ve had a question or an issue of any nature, I’ve contacted them and it’s been resolved quickly. To sum it up, the people from E-typist are professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. E-Typist is an awesome company with friendly people who get the job done!”

Merrill B. Gugerty, Esq. November 22, 2019