Meghan Woods

“E-Typist is a huge cost saving measure for our firm. Without E-Typist we would likely need to hire another full time employee just to meet our dictation service needs. E-Typist allows our staff to focus on other things essential for keeping our business running while E-Typist handles this essential function. E-Typist was our first experience with a transcription service, but after evaluating what E-Typist had to offer we didn’t feel we needed to look at any other competitors. Often times in casual conversation with our colleagues the subject of dictation and the time and money that goes along with completing it, come up. We recommend E-Typist to anyone in our field that still uses the old method of a tape recorder or any other antiquated system. Our experience has been wonderful! Vivian and E-Typist are always prompt, efficient, and reliable. It’s hard to find that in an employee, let alone a business you have outsourced to. We highly recommend E-Typist for anyone that does dictation, not just those that are looking to change companies or their current system. You will not be disappointed.”

Meghan Woods Vargas Chapman Woods, LLC November 22, 2019