Laura C., Florida

Sometimes life throws you curveballs and you are not able to actually work outside the home in an office environment. I found myself in that very predicament when my husband became ill and I needed to work from home. I was very fortunate to cross paths with E-Typist’s owner, Vivian Saxe over a year ago. She was looking for transcriptionists with medical and legal background and I met the qualifications required. I began working for E-Typist and soon realized what a blessing this company truly was by enabling me to work from home on a schedule that fit my needs. The team at E-Typist is a pleasure to work for, from the owner to the proofers. I worked many, many years in the legal and medical profession in an office environment, but have never worked for such nice group as those employed by E-Typist/Vivian Saxe. If there was a way to give them a five-star rating I absolutely would.

Laura C. Florida September 28, 2018