Jan V., Michigan

I was so excited when I began transcribing for E-Typist in 2010.  Having worked as a legal secretary back in the day of electric typewriters and carbon copies, I only dreamed of enjoying the legal world in my own home after starting our family of 4 boys. Fast forward to the internet and online servers! I quickly fell in love with the flexibility of working from home while caring for my boys and juggling their crazy schedules.  The bonus and icing on the cake is being part of a close-knit team.  We truly are a family and we work together like a well-oiled machine. We all bring our own unique qualities and professional field expertise to the transcription table giving Vivian the ability to ensure each attorney/client will have their unique transcription needs met.  In addition to excellent work quality, personal attention to each of our clients is high on our priority list.  I am also a team member for our “Answer Desk”, which is an invaluable email communication service for our clients and typists.    No leaving messages; no waiting on hold.  Any questions, rush requests, or special instructions are personally responded to within minutes.  We’d love for you to join our family!

Jan V. Michigan September 12, 2018