George Twardy, Jr., Esq.

“E-Typist has provided me with the much needed service of typing without the cost/expense or delay which usually accompanies a live secretary/paralegal. After I was first linked up to E-Typist, I found their response time faster than when I had a live secretary and easy to use. In most instances, my dictation was transcribed and emailed back the same day or if it was a large project, the next day. In fact, If I was ever up against a deadline, special requests for a quick return were as simple as an email request. It’s a no brainer. I believe outsourcing typing is the wave of the future. It’s inexpensive and easy to utilize once set up by their own IT person. Typing gets done without interruption of the office phone calls or clients. The rest of your staff won’t get bogged down typing and can be of greater assistance to you while the work product is typed up off site.”

George Twardy, Jr., Esq. November 22, 2019