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Successfully Managing a Legal Virtual Secretary

Communication is key! It may sound cliché but it is true. It’s important to be on the same page and this is accomplished by establishing clear communication guidelines at the outset of the relationship. For example, turnaround goals, who is copied in email communications, calendaring protocol, and expectations about availability to work.

If your virtual secretary is assisting your in-house staff, then in-person meetings using video chat like Skype and Google Hangouts is key to establishing rapport, much like the office breakroom forges connections with your in-house staff.

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It’s also important for you to schedule regular check-ins yourself to strengthen your relationship with your virtual secretary. Be responsive to emails and phone calls from your virtual staff; don’t leave someone waiting for important direction or guidance to complete a task. You are a busy executive, but remember that “getting it right the first time” will certainly avoid repetition in this area. Remember what your favorite teacher once told you? “There are no stupid questions.” So pick up the phone when she calls.

Our E-Typist virtual legal secretaries start in the mailroom, so to speak, and earn their stripes and prove themselves before being considered for openings. They not only have good grammar, spelling and punctuation skills, but think outside the box, are proven team players, are efficient and get the work done, and love what they do. Win. Win.

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