Transcription Services

Our services benefit legal professionals working in all areas of the law – from litigation, employment, workers’ compensation, and family law, to patent law and appellate work.

Court Proceedings and Interviews

We transcribe verbatim testimony of court proceedings from audiotape, CD and DVD, as well as recorded interviews and statements.

Benefits to Your Practice
E-Typist provides fast, confidential transcription services with no minimum or setup fee. We also offer secure storage of and access to our web portal for easy editing on your iPad. Same day delivery or 24-hour turnaround is available.

Quality Control
Experienced typists transcribe a variety legal documents that include pleadings, depositions, summaries, and more.

Dictation Options
Send us your dictation directly from your smartphone, or transfer from your digital recorder via our web uploader or FTP; or use our telephone dial-in service. We also accept delivery via email or Sharefile. When using a smartphone app, (Dictate+Connect) you can record up to 90 minutes of dictation without using up your cell phone minutes).

Highly Skilled Typists
The E-Typist staff is made up of U.S. typists with law office experience. They are familiar with and adapt quickly to a variety of speaking styles and accents.

What We Transcribe
  • General Correspondence and Memos

  • Deposition Transcript Summaries

  • Medical-Legal Reports / Independent Medical Examination Reports

  • Workers’ Compensation Transcription

  • Pleadings and Appellate Briefs

  • Legal Agreements and Contracts

  • Wills and Trust Documents

  • Verbatim Testimony of Court Proceedings from Audiotape, CD and DVD

  • Videotaped Depositions, Interviews, Seminars, Speeches, Focus Groups

  • Surveillance Reports

  • Telephone Court Hearings

  • Recorded Statements

  • Investigative Reports

  • Property, Casualty and Liability Reports

E-Typist + Expanded Services

Microsoft Office 365 is used by E-typist's virtual legal secretary

Your dedicated E-Typist Legal Assistant works directly with you to manage your documents, communications, and filings efficiently and securely. There are a number of ways to effectively communicate with your Legal Assistant, and we will work with you to tailor the best system for your practice.

E-Typist only uses FINRA and HIPAA compliant storage and sharing solutions for your protection and regulatory compliance needs.

Sharefile is used by E-typist's virtual legal secretary

We provide valuable support when you are busy and need an extra set of hands. We do this by assigning an experienced legal secretary to do your work exclusively. Your virtual secretary can provide a lot of the services you would expect of staff working right in the office, and you only pay for Expanded Services when you need them!

Securing your own dedicated legal assistant is fast and easy – simply call 330-474-7079. In no time at all, an experienced legal secretary can begin working on your important matters. You can then enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the support you need is now at your fingertips.

Through easy virtual communication, our Legal Assistants provide the following services:
  • Transcribing Dictation

  • Screening Prospective Clients

  • Opening New Matters

  • Managing Your Calendar

  • Drafting Pleadings

  • Creating Document Templates

  • Creating Spreadsheets and Exhibits

  • Proofreading and Editing

  • E-Filings

  • Making Calls on Your Behalf

  • Bookkeeping Entries

  • Preparing Client Billing

  • Chasing Payments

  • Copying, Printing, and Mailing

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Managing Social Media

  • Managing Email Marketing

  • Making Travel Arrangements

  • Internet Research

  • Website Maintenance