Stop wasting time on the phone with E-Typist online Paralegal service

Screening Prospective Clients

We are regularly asked to give an example of the type of service our virtual paralegals provide. Today we explain how your online paralegal can help screen your prospective clients.

This task may very well be the next logical task for your paralegal to undertake after s/he has transcribed your voicemail for you. If your paralegal notices that one of your voicemail messages was left by someone inquiring about your services, you paralegal can go ahead and follow-up with that person.

Getting Started

All you need to do is tell your paralegal how to screen for conflicts of interest and what you are looking for in a new client. Since you will be dealing with the same paralegal every time, you simply need to tell your paralegal how to do these two things. Screening for conflicts is pretty easy—simply provide your paralegal with your conflicts database through our secure communication portal.

Screening for the right type of client is also fairly straightforward: just provide your paralegal with the criteria that must be met, whether that be substantive area of the law, specific court/geographic location, etc. We have a sample screening tool for attorneys who need help with this.

Delegating this type of administrative task to a virtual paralegal can help free you up to focus on billable matters, especially on Mondays when it seems that the phones ring off the hook.

To learn more about our E-Typist Plus Virtual Paralegal services, visit the information page or call Vivian at (330) 322-1520.

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