Referral Program Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions.

(a) These terms and conditions (“Program Terms”) govern the E-Typist Referral Rewards Program (the “Program”) for all participants. Failure to abide by any of these Program Terms shall disqualify a participant from the Program or any future participation in the Program. E-Typist, Inc. (“E-Typist”) will make all determinations regarding participation in the Program; all issued credits and rewards will be in an amount as defined by E-Typist below (“Reward Amounts”). E-Typist may terminate any participant from the Progam, modify the Program or any Reward Amount, or cancel the entire Program, at any time, for any reason. Each reward can only be redeemed once.


2. Participation and Eligibility.

(a) Eligible Referrer. Beginning on September 1, 2020, an E-Typist customer with an existing account can refer other individuals (“You” or “Referrer”).  As compensation for the arrangement of the billable account with E-Typist, You will receive credit on your account to use toward Your future purchases of E-Typist.  Such credit will only be due to You upon actual receipt by E-Typist of non-refundable payments received by E-Typist from a new customer “Referee” who: makes a purchase (accepted by E-Typist), and (ii) uses their full $60 credit within 90 days of establishing their new account.

(b) Eligible Referee. A new customer “Referee” will receive a one-time discount. An Eligible Referee is identified by an individual account of E-Typist which consists of (i) billing information unique to that account (ii) is identified as a new client, with no previous relationship or contact with E-Typist, and (iii) is presented to E-Typist by You through the Offer.

(c) All participants, Referrer and Referee must also abide by all the participant requirements described in these Program Terms.


3. Reward Amount.

(a) Referral Reward. An Eligible Referrer will receive a $30.00 credit for every Eligible Referral, not to exceed $600.00 per year.
(b) Referee Reward. E-Typist will issue the Referee a discount voucher of $60 upon sign-up towards the cost of per-word transcription services. The discount is automatically applied to the account and will be reflected in subsequent billing statements.


4. Program Abuse.

(a) If E-Typist determines you have abused the Program, your reward will be revoked, and you will be ineligible to participate in any future E-Typist referral programs.
(b) Program Abuse includes any of the following but is not limited to these activities:

i. Do not post personal links on the coupon website;
ii. Do not create fake accounts;
iii. Do not spam any inbox with invitations;
iv. Do not misrepresent your relationship with E-Typist; or
v. Do not share reward redemption link.