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Upload your file and enter your audio minutes to estimate your final page count and price. Then, select your specifications (# of speakers in your audio, turnaround needs and more).



How am I charged for E-Typist's transcription?

E-Typist charges per page and uses the audio minutes of your file to estimate what your final page count will be. If the final page count of your document turns out to be less than estimated, E-Typist always refunds the difference back to you (or we can credit the difference to your next order).

My recording has a lot of dead air. Am I being charged for the blank sections of the audio?

No. E-Typist charges by the final page count. If your document has dead air and the final transcript is shorter than estimated by audio minutes, E-Typist will refund any difference back to your card.

What does E-Typist transcribe?

E-Typist specializes in legal and courtroom transcription for busy legal professionals. We transcribe dictations, depositions, meetings, hearing, pleadings and beyond with typists who understand legal jargon, workflow and terminology. Learn more about our legal and courtroom transcription.

How do I find the audio length of my file?

Audio length can often be viewed by opening your audio or video file and viewing the time bar (often called the scrub bar) at the bottom of the window.

What if I don’t know the audio length?

Put your closest estimate. When a final transcript is ready, we will credit the difference back if your estimate was too high. Or, if your estimate was too low, we will request payment for the exact amount needed.

I have reporter’s notes and exhibits. Can I upload that with this file?

Yes. You can include the notes and exhibits in the file. Please also make a note of this in the comment box when ordering.

Who are your typists?

Our Typists are trained, US-Based legal transcribers, skilled at verbatim transcription for expert speed and accuracy. Our typists have strong resumes when joining our team, vetted and tested by E-Typist on an individual basis.

Can E-Typist transcribe in custom formats?

Yes. E-Typist can customize to your needs to create transcripts in any format required.

How long does E-Typist transcription take?

E-Typist works to meet your deadlines and offers various turnaround options. For Single Speaker transcription, a digital document will be emailed in as little as 24 hours.

What about security?

Our transcription platform is secured with 256-bit encryption and we offer secure storage.


Need help placing an order or have a question?

E-Typist is standing by to help. Send a message or call 1-833-389-7478 ext. 4.