Transcription Service Rates

E-Typist offers transcription for multiple speakers (verbatim) at a per-page rate. For single-speaker transcription, E-Typist charges a simple per-word rate.

All rates below are the prices you will be charged – there are no hidden fees or extra costs.

Rates and Turnaround

(5-10 Days)
(2-4 Days)
(24 Hours)
Multiple Speakers
$3.00 / Page$4.00 / PageCall E-Typist for a Quote
Single Speaker
--$12 for Every 1,000 Words*

Additional No-Cost Features

  • Includes 25-lined numbered pages or custom template (no extra charge)
  • Includes exhibit list and table of contents, as needed 
  • Certification can be provided at no extra charge
  • Timestamps available
  • Send E-Typist your templates or form letters that can be saved and used again at no extra charge! 


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