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Paying Top Dollar for Copies?

Post by Vivian Saxe, President & CEO of E-Typist

I recently heard from a transcription client who I hadn’t talked to in a while, and he was telling me that recently he and the other partners in his firm were looking at ways to shave a bit off the budget without sacrificing quality of work. (We’ve all been there, right?)

I knew that the firm did a lot of paper-heavy government work, which meant that all too often their assistants were spending a majority of their days making copies and stapling and un-stapling documents, instead of actually assisting the lawyers in the practice with tasks that reflected their pay grade. We realized in our conversation that this was a place where efficiency could be improved, potentially saving the firm a pretty penny in labor costs.


Save Money AND Improve Productivity

So we are working with the firm to create a system where an E-Typist assistant can take over these tasks that don’t require much in the way of legal knowledge and experience but are still vital to the running of the firm and the timely processing of their cases. Thanks to a significant disparity in fair wages between their urban area and our region, they will be paying less for these tasks to be done. Not only that, but now they have less to worry about because they don’t need to supervise these activities and can use those higher-wage labor hours for work that only their assistants can do.

If you suspect that some extra help around your office will help your bottom line, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call (330-474-7079)! I would be happy to explore the best options for your particular situation and find a way to help you save money and time.


Vivian is the founder of E-Typist, where her job is to ensure that her clients have what they need to succeed. Whether you need a typist, a receptionist, or a paralegal, we can help!

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