Let our virtual paralegals handle the mundane phone calls and client paperwork

Opening New Matters

We are regularly asked to give an example of the type of service our virtual paralegals provide. Today we explain how your paralegal can open new matters for you.

This task may very well be the next logical task for your paralegal to undertake after s/he has transcribed your voicemail for you. If your paralegal notices that one of your voicemail messages was left by someone confirming their intention to retain you, your paralegal can automatically follow-up with that person.

All you need to do is tell your paralegal how to conduct that follow-up. That could involve preparing and emailing your new client a fee agreement, collecting a deposit, establishing a payment schedule, entering the new client’s contact information into your case management system or spreadsheet, drafting initial pleadings, etc. Since you will be dealing with the same paralegal every time, you simply need to tell your paralegal how to do these things the way you like them done and s/he can automatic this aspect of your practice.

Delegating this type of administrative task to a virtual paralegal can help free you up to focus on billable matters. To learn more about our E-Typist Plus Virtual Paralegal services, visit the information page or call Vivian at (330) 322-1520.

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