Five Best Practices for Working Remotely in 2020

2020 is the year that traditional office-dwellers traded water cooler talk for Zoom meetings. Many managers scrambled to adjust to their new normal and find best practices for working remotely. While some states begin to open up for business, many jobs remain virtual...

Tips For Working From Home

Here at E-Typist, we have more than 15 years of experience working remotely. Although many things have changed about the virtual workplace over the years, working from home is easier than ever. Tools such as Zoom make meetings accessible across the world. Slack allows...

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do in a Typical Day?

Finding employment that puts virtual before your job title isn’t just trendy; it’s practical. Whether it be a need to aid aging parents, take care of a young family or the desire to have a job where every day is “wear your jeans to work day, the demand for at home...

What is a virtual assistant? Your key to success!

A virtual assistant is a person that is hired to work remotely on administrative, creative or technical tasks. You may be asking yourself why you, a lawyer, needs a virtual assistant when you have an office full of paralegals and administrators. The answer is simple: an E-Typist virtual assistant is dedicated solely to the tasks YOU give them.

What our Clients and our Typists say

“I would sum up my experience working with E-Typist in one word: excellent! It has provided our firm with an inexpensive and prompt service to handling our dictation needs, while freeing up staff in the office to address other tasks. I was very skeptical at first, especially thinking that the system would be too difficult to use or that the transcriptionist would not be able to handle the medical terms utilized. On both accounts these worries were unfounded. The work product is excellent. I would recommend these services to anyone looking for a transcriptionist. As a matter of fact, I have recommended them to numerous firms that have contacted me for such services.”

Gloria L. Bolona Office Administrator, Orlovsky Moody Schaaff & Conlon

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