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Mangaging Your Law Office Calendar

What is an example of the type of service our virtual paralegals provide? Today we explain how your paralegal can help manage your law office calendar. For most attorneys, this simply involves creating a separate login for their virtual paralegal. Or said another way, anything you can do online, so can your paralegal. This means your paralegal can access your calendar with a click of a mouse.

Think of all the ways this can assist you:

  • You are in court and the Judge is throwing several trial dates at you. She’s in a hurry and you don’t want to be the one to slow her down. Call your paralegal and check all of those dates immediately.
  • You wake up with a migraine and cannot get out of bed. Call your paralegal and get your morning appointments rescheduled ASAP.
  • You were just retained by a new client mid-case. Your paralegal can check the court docket and put all court appearance dates as well as deadlines on your calendar.
  • You know you need to set an appointment with a few of your clients to get ready for some upcoming hearings. Your paralegal can call those clients for you and set-up in-person or telephone conferences.

Since you will be dealing with the same paralegal every time, you simply need to tell your paralegal how you like your calendar handled and s/he can provide consistent results. Delegating this type of administrative task to a virtual paralegal can help free you up to focus on billable matters.

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