Legal Virtual Assistant Services

E-Typist’s team of dedicated virtual assistants increases your productivity by helping to complete your tasks efficiently. 

What is a Virtual Assistant and why should I hire one?
A virtual assistant is an expert in their field who is able to help you complete tasks on a set timeline from their own home office, from anywhere in the United States. An E-Typist virtual assistant can collaborate with your in-office assistant and give her the time needed to complete more in-depth tasks for you. If a full- or part-time office assistant is not yet a feasible option for you, an E-Typist virtual assistant will reduce your workload and free you up to focus on building your practice.

How can an E-Typist Virtual Assistant assist me?
The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

To start, your legal virtual assistant can execute the following tasks: 


  • Draft routine correspondence such as inquiries, acknowledgements, replies, orders, invitations and appointment letters 
  • Transcribe digital dictation drafts and make final edits and then email.
  • Create fillable PDFs and forms
  • Bates stamp and index documents
  • Fax documents electronically using our faxing service
  • Calendar your court dates in your Case Management Calendar 
  • Docket searches in Pacer
  • Remind you of approaching deadlines
  • Screen new clients and schedule appointments 
  • Draft retainer agreements
  • Schedule meetings and make reservations
  • Schedule depositions and book a court reporter
  • Perform Internet research
  • Schedule court hearings and calendar them
  • Electronic filing – CM/ECF with your account – and serve parties
  • Electronic mailing
  • Manage your email – flag important emails and archive the junk mail


  • Draft discovery responses 
  • Draft Motions, Notices, Verifications and Certificates of Service
  • Electronically file and serve opposing counsel
  • Schedule mediations and depositions
  • Arrange for court reporters
  • Locate a process server and provide documents to be served.


  • Set up billing systems
  • Add time entries and expenses in your billing system
  • Add new matters
  • Prepare pre-bills for your approval
  • Prepare invoices for mailing and mail invoices to clients


Document drafting:

  • Summons and Complaint
  • Answers
  • Prepare discovery
  • Motions and Briefs
  • Schedule depositions and hearings
  • Prepare Shared Parenting Agreements
  • Prepare Asset and Debt statements
  • Child Support Calculations
  • Listen to your clients and relay messages


  • Prepare Motions and Briefs
  • Screen prospective clients
  • Trial Preparation
  • Schedule Hearings
  • Converse with your client and relay messages


  • Secretary of State business searches
  • Applications
  • Type contracts
  • Prepare Minutes
  • Draft documents
How can I benefit from your Virtual Assistance Services?

At E-Typist, our virtual assistants provide personalized and custom office support. Lawyers and legal teams who use our virtual assistants benefit from having a very human assistant ready to perform any task necessary to keep operations running smoothly (and pay just for the time taken by your virtual assistant to do those tasks).

Who Are Your Virtual Assistants?

We employ a dedicated staff of virtual personal assistants. Our virtual assistants are trained legal secretaries with the skills, versatility and reliability to fit into any business. While E-Typist legal virtual assistants have strong resumes when joining our team, they are first assigned to the general typing pool where important skill sets are assessed such as efficiency, accuracy, responsiveness, and reliability.

Why Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

An E-Typist VA is ready when you need them and they are available on demand as your workflow changes. We provide you with objective data to assist in deciding which tasks are best assigned to your E-Typist virtual assistant and which should be completed in-house. Our services are tailored to your specifications, and our consultation and set-up is always provided at no charge.

You will also decrease overhead costs by paying for a virtual assistant only when you need one. You will reduce your workload so you can focus on building your practice, and get more work done in less time.
Because “life happens”, we will provide a backup virtual assistant to step in if yours is temporarily unavailable.

How do you determine my workflow?

As our client, you decide which tasks you need your virtual assistant to perform. We then customize a job description that outlines the services you need and set up methods of file sharing and communication with your assistant.

E-Typist is a reliable service that you can depend on to help you keep your growing business operating efficiently. We are happy to answer your questions and help you to decide how E-Typist virtual assistants can work for you. Interested parties can contact E-Typist through the Contact Us page or call (330) 474-7079.

Want to learn more about our legal transcription jobs at home? Visit our Employment page for more information.

What our Clients and our Typists say

“I would sum up my experience working with E-Typist in one word: excellent! It has provided our firm with an inexpensive and prompt service to handling our dictation needs, while freeing up staff in the office to address other tasks. I was very skeptical at first, especially thinking that the system would be too difficult to use or that the transcriptionist would not be able to handle the medical terms utilized. On both accounts these worries were unfounded. The work product is excellent. I would recommend these services to anyone looking for a transcriptionist. As a matter of fact, I have recommended them to numerous firms that have contacted me for such services.”

Gloria L. Bolona Office Administrator, Orlovsky Moody Schaaff & Conlon

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