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(Hearings, Pleadings, Electronic Court Recordings)

We are seeking experienced legal transcriptionists to join our team of independent typists! Work anytime from anywhere.

Court Transcription requires the ability to transcribe audio files of electronic court recordings such as hearings and pleadings. Experience in this field is required for the position. Review the job details and follow instructions to submit your cover letter and resume. Qualified applicants will be contacted via email to submit a contractor application and schedule a phone interview.



  • Transcribe lengthy audio dictations accurately from recorded courtroom hearings. 
  • Properly format these transcriptions based on industry standards and client preferences. 
  • Transcribe with proper spelling and capitalization legal terms, medical terms, locations and names. 
  • Conduct basic research as needed to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your work. 


  • One year or more of work in the legal field, including court reporting and legal transcription experiencewithin the last five-year period.   
  • Specific experience and a good working knowledge of the set-up of court hearing documents, depositions, etc.  
  • Know how to format a transcript appropriately between colloquy and Q & A. 
  • Be able to read and comprehend court reporter notes. 
  • Must have above-average listening skills. Able to discern different voices and transcribe accurately even when people are talking over one another. Listen carefully and narrate accurately at the same time.    
  • Must be fluent in English and possess a strong working knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation, along with knowledge of legal and medical terminology.    
  • Comfortable working independently and efficiently under time constraints to turn work in on time. 

Success Criteria 

  • Meet all required deadlines for delivery of work.  
  • Maintain verbatim accuracy of 95% or after the first 30 days.  
  • Maintain spelling accuracy rating of 95% or higher after first 30 days.  
  • Maintain formatting accuracy rating of 95% or higher after first 30 days. 

System Requirements and Equipment Needed 

Needed for all E-Typist positions:  Needed for this position:  
DSL or Cable Internet  Adobe Reader 
Computer or Laptop with Windows 7 or higher  Word Perfect is a plus 
Transcription Pedal and Headphones 

NCH Express Scribe Pro 


Microsoft Word 2007 or higher  Or these programs: For the Record, Start-Stop Transcription 
Slack Desktop App & Mobile App   

Job Features

Job CategoryLegal Transcription
Job TitleCourt Transcription
Employment TypeIndependent Contractor
Working HoursJobs are distributed as they come in and based on your stated availability.
Availability RequirementsWork must be submitted by morning of the due date.
Rate of Pay and TermsAmount varies. Independent contractors are paid bi-monthly via direct deposit.

Remote legal transcription careersHow to Begin Your Remote Legal Transcription Career: 

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