E-typist.com for legal transcription

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You record, we transcribe, we review and send you the final document. It's that easy!

Where to Start

  • How does it work?
  • We will create a client site for you with a unique User I.D. and password, and where applicable, provide you with the toll-free dial-in dictation.

  • Send your dictation:
    • When you use our toll free dictation system:
    Record with any phone and your dictation is sent to the server when the call is ended and queued for transcription.

      Whan you use the app:
    Record your dictation then tap to send to our server.

      When you record on a digital voice recorder:
    Upload your files to the ChartNet™ server at the Login page on this website, or with our voice reader software installed on your PC by Chartnet IT support.

  • Get your transcribed documents back:
  • We will email your transcribed documents to you, or you can access them from our secure Web Portal, where they are stored for six months. Backup copies of your emailed documents are also stored on the web portal.


    Contact Us and tell us about your needs, and Vivian will call you to discuss the solutions we can offer and identify a dedicated legal secretary for you. We will adapt to systems you have in place or develop something new for you.


    All work is invoiced monthly on the 1st day of the month for work performed the previous month. A detailed statement will be provided. You can pay by credit card, debit card, or personal check for transcription services rendered. Check our prices page for detailed pricing.

    Have More Questions?

    Visit our FAQ page to find the answers to all your questions!