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Security and Confidentiality
Draft Dictation:

Our transcription application service provider (TASP) is ChartNet™, which routes your work to our typists through the Internet with 128-bit encryption. The typists utilize Chartnet™ word processing software and then save and return jobsto the ChartNet™ server for review, delivery, and archiving.

E-Typist + Expanded Services:

Send us a library of forms, and we will create a folder for you on our E-Typist ShareFile account and Microsoft Office 365, and assign a dedicated typist. All file transfers through the ShareFile service are encrypted using 256-bit SSL, the same security used by banks. Learn more here.

I Have an Emergency, but have not yet registered. How do I Expedite It?
Need it yesterday? Bypass registration and get started right away.  Click the Send Us A File tab. Upload your voice file, fill in your contact information, and send your file directly to our secure server. We will contact you promptly to discuss turnaround time and billing options, and then route your job to a qualified transcriptionist. You may be asked to provide a credit card for payment.
Can I Record a Dictation Using My Smartphone?
Yes. Purchase the Dictate + Connect app from Google Play or The App Store. (About $10). Dictate directly into your smartphone, then save or transfer (FTP) your dictation to our server or ShareFile when you are ready to have it transcribed. The app records up to 90 minutes of dictation and has all the recording features of a good voice recorder.
Can I Email My Audio Files To You?
Yes. Our help desk will upload them to the server for you.
Can You Store My Templates For When I Request Them?

Yes. We will create templates in your E-Typist client site.  Email these to answers@e-typist.comThen you can instruct the typist at the beginning of your dictation which template to use. To change your templates at any time, email us the updates and we will make the changes.

E-Typist + Expanded Services subscribers can create subfolders in their E-Typist ShareFile folder:  Store your letterhead template and create a library of forms you utilize in your practice.

Can You Type My Letters Onto My Firm’s Letterhead?

Yes. Send us your letterhead template and we will use it whenever your dictation instructs us to do so. You can add your signature block to your template, too.

Where Do You Outsource Your Transcription Services?

All of our transcription work is done in the United States by typists with law office experience and who are qualified in legal transcription.

Do You Work On The Weekends?

We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. 24-hour turnaround applies. For work sent on Friday, we will have it returned by Monday morning, but if you send us an email to stating you need it before Monday morning we’ll make sure you have it when you need it.

How Do You Send Back My Finished Transcriptions?

We can email your documents to you directly or you can access them through the Chartnet web portal or ShareFile server.

How Do You Bill For Your Services?

All work is invoiced monthly on the 1st day of the month for work performed the previous month. A detailed statement with job numbers and corresponding word or time count will be provided. Terms are Net 15 and timely payment is required to keep your account active. Payment by check is preferred.

Can You Transcribe Cassette Tapes, CDs, and DVDs?

Yes. You can send them via U.S. mail to our address in Stow, Ohio. We will send the finished documents via email and return your tapes in the mail.

How Is The Work Formatted?

We will create a template for the format, font size and style you prefer. If no specs are provided, we will use 1″ margins, 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced for pleadings and single spaced on all other documents.

Can You Print My Documents For Me?

Normally, the printing is left up to you and your staff. However, we can print your documents for an additional charge. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we’ll find a solution.

Can I Fax/Scan My Handwritten Notes then Email Them?

Yes. Fax your documents to 330-474-7063. Email your scanned documents to

Where Are Your Offices Located?

We are based in Stow, Ohio, situated between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. Our transcriptionists work from their homes, some in the Akron/Cleveland area, and all in the United States.

How Can I Keep In Contact With My Transcriptionist?

We’ll give you all the tools you need to reach your dedicated E-Typist when you need her/him, including email and phone.

What Else Can My Transcriptionist Do For Me?
Contact Us for a customized solution to your staffing needs.
How Much Does It Cost?
Pricing is listed on our pricing page.

What our Clients and our Typists say

“I would sum up my experience working with E-Typist in one word: excellent! It has provided our firm with an inexpensive and prompt service to handling our dictation needs, while freeing up staff in the office to address other tasks. I was very skeptical at first, especially thinking that the system would be too difficult to use or that the transcriptionist would not be able to handle the medical terms utilized. On both accounts these worries were unfounded. The work product is excellent. I would recommend these services to anyone looking for a transcriptionist. As a matter of fact, I have recommended them to numerous firms that have contacted me for such services.”

Gloria L. Bolona Office Administrator, Orlovsky Moody Schaaff & Conlon

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