As technology and competition increase, there has been a noticeable decline in pricing of most things tech-y. Nine years ago when we launched our legal transcription service, the best dial-in dictation system available was three times the cost of the best dial-in (now known as the cloud) dictation today. Gotta love American capitalism! It certainly keeps us on the hunt for the next big thing.

And back in 2006, if you dialed in your dictation to a toll-free number, it was difficult if not impossible to save your dictation and pick it up later. That was okay for doctors rattling off patient notes one after another to be reviewed, signed and popped in a file, but well, lawyers’ dictation is different and can be a work in progress, so ending the call to send to the transcriptionist wasn’t always the ideal dictation solution.

Illustration of cloud network with multiple nodes and connections for legal transcription service

Now, there is These folks have developed a “save menu” whose prompts give you the option to 1) Save and disconnect, 2) save and start another recording, or 3) –drum roll please – Save and Finish later! The recording will be retrievable for up to one week.

Now, that’s big.

And even better, it’s user friendly, secure, and crystal clear for accuracy. Basically everything you could want in a recording device. At zero cost to you.

That’s even bigger.