hardworking legal assistant for online transcription services

If you already use a dictation service, you understand that your time is valuable and that being able to delegate tedious, time-consuming tasks is the key to maintaining a profitable practice.

But stop for a moment and think about what other tasks fall into this category?

Things that you know you should be doing to build your business but may not have the time or energy to deal with yourself, such as marketing, research, client follow-ups, or file maintenance. I’m sure you could think of many others.

Or are you wishing you had the ability to hire a part-time legal secretary, perhaps? As your practice grows, you will need the extra help that a legal secretary brings, but maybe you aren’t sure that you will have enough work for a full-time employee. And thinking about the time and effort involved (not to mention expense!) in putting out want ads, interviewing, training, and HR procedures probably makes you feel a little queasy.

We understand. Listening to the needs of our clients, we realized that many of them need more than basic transcription services sometimes.

That’s why we created E-Typist + Expanded Services. All of the benefits, ease, and security that you’ve come to appreciate with our transcription, plus the unique training and skills of a legal assistant. Now you can have an assistant when you need one, without the worry and headache of hiring a full-time employee!

To learn more about the added benefits of E-Typist + Expanded Services, visit our Services page. If you have additional questions, or to get a customized quote, call us today: 330-474-7079.