Jon is an attorney. He runs a two-person operation that focuses in Business Law. He’s always busy, but the end of each month teeters on chaotic. It’s billing time, and that means painstaking invoices and chasing down payments, the least favorite part of his job. 

Billing duties keep Jon from more important work. But he doesn’t truly need another assistant — he only needs an additional 8 to 12 hours of help per month. That’s why a E-Typist Legal Virtual Assistant was perfect for his practice. 

Enter Tanya. She’s a career legal secretary that’s worked at big firms and small. As a Legal Virtual Assistant, she helps Jon create invoices, process payments and update trust ledgers on the last Thursday of every month. Unpaid bills no longer sit for ages, because Tanya follows up with regular reminders, tracking outstanding payments with a standard accounts receivable report. 

Now Jon has more time for billable hours. And because he only pays for Tanya when she’s needed, he’s got quality help at an affordable rate, more than making up the costs. 

What did it take to get Jon set up with a Legal Virtual Assistant?  

  • A conversation about his needs with E-Typist.  
  • Templates for invoices.  
  • A billing policy: the order of operations his firm uses to bill. 

E-Typist made onboarding easy. Working together, Jon provided guidance until he was set up to his standards. He decided email works best for him to communicate with his Legal Virtual Assistant, but he also has regular Zoom meetings with Tanya to check-in. 

After a while, Jon even determined Tanya could also help with entering client notes into his CRM system. Jon trained Tanya on the system just like he would any other staff member, and now she also works the last Wednesday of the month — updating the system with the notes he provides. Legal Virtual Assistants scale to Jon’s operation, so he can grow his practice with the help he needs. 

What would you do with an extra weekend day? Make time for yourself or your practice. E-Typist Legal Virtual Assistants take on painstaking office administration so you — or your paralegals — don’t have to. 

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