Legal podcasts have grown to inform and engage lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Listen for insight, advice or simply entertainment, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from.  

While no list is complete, here are E-Typist’s top 7 legal podcasts of 2021:   

1. Opening Arguments

Opening Arguments: Episodes take on popular legal topics in the news with expert analysis while remaining highly entertaining (the hosts are a lawyer and a comedian). This is a perfect podcast for anyone interested in deep dives and breakdowns into current affairs.   

2. The LAWsome Podcast

The LAWsome Podcast: A podcast for lawyers interested in improving their firms (as well as themselves). LAWsome offers insight into law firm development and marketing, with legal professional guests for expert tips in applying principles into practice. 

3. ALAB Series

ALAB Series: A hilarious, informative podcast led by a group of lawyers who discuss the American legal system. Topics include some of the most absurd legal practices and issues in the U.S. This is a must for anyone in the legal profession (or not) interested in engaging storytelling and outrageous subject matter.  

4. Strict Scrutiny

Strict Scrutiny: A podcast hosted by three brilliant women who discuss the supreme court and its legal culture. Episodes are both insightful and easy to follow with a rotating cast of guests that keep listeners in-the-know on the country’s highest court in the land.   

5. Breakdown

Breakdown: Brought to you by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Breakdown is a true-crime podcast that highlights cases from investigation, jury selection, trial, sentencing, and beyond. Hosted by a veteran legal reporter, this is the perfect podcast for anyone who enjoyed the likes of Serial.  

6. The Legal Toolkit

The Legal Toolkit: An unpretentious, fun podcast that discusses the latest trends and businesses initiatives for law firms. The Legal Toolkit hosts insightful guests and does a great job offering pragmatic insights that you can apply to your practice.  

7. Lawyer 2 Laywer

Lawyer 2 Lawyer: an examination of current events and recent rulings, Lawyer 2 Lawyer provides critical legal analysis to contemporary issues. The format pairs lawyers with opposing perspectives on legal issues in the news for engaging legal industry insight.