John’s firm was successful. But in a tale as old as law itself, more success meant more admin. 

A trial attorney with Johnson, Schneider & Ferrell, L.L.C, John Schneider noticed his legal assistants were struggling to keep up. Every new case meant time-consuming document preparation, and it was keeping his staff from more important duties and slowing down his operation. 

John’s story is hardly unusual for law firms. All legal matters require forms and documents – it’s how attorneys organize information and connect the dots to win cases. But the administrative burden can cost time and money while making it harder to satisfy client needs.

In John’s case, his staff could hardly keep up with the transcription workload, which meant hours of listening and typing. They needed fast and accurate assistance.

John reached out to E-Typist. 

Q: What is the process like with E-Typist? 

A: “The process was made simple by Vivian [E-Typist’s CEO] and her staff. We simply download our diction, send it electronically and it is quickly prepared and sent back.” 

E-Typist simplified Johnson, Schneider & Ferrell’s transcription process. Rather than painstakingly transcribing their own documents, John’s legal staff outsourced everything for faster, more accurate results.

With E-Typist, John’s team has eliminated the administrative backlog and can now focus on more productive tasks.

Q: How did working with E-Typist help your team and your business?

A: “Now our legal team is able to get our client’s work completed fast and accurately. Speed and accuracy are what keeps client’s legal needs met and keeps clients satisfied.”

Audio can often be unclear. Fast speaking and mumbling can make 30 minutes of audio into an hours long transcription endeavor. There’s also the risk of making an error, which can be a costly mistake when a case is reliant on accuracy.

E-Typist’s staff have trained ears, typing ability and equipment, meaning John’s firm got their error-free transcription done quicker. This helped his whole operation run more smoothly so he could put his clients first.

Q: Was there a cost savings for your firm? 

A: “I believe any efficient service like E-typists’ ultimately saves a great deal of cost in labor. I never look at E-typist as a cost, but rather as a benefit.” 

The average salary for a paralegal in the U.S. is $51,740. And for those legal secretaries or junior paralegals who are earning less, transcribing audio comes at a steep price-per-hour, still. With E-Typist, John’s firm pays a simple, affordable per word rate, instead of hefty staff salaries.  

E-Typist’s rate always includes verbatim, timecodes and proofing. There are no upcharges or hidden costs.

Q: Can you share any particular positive experience that you have had with E-Typist?

A: “Even though I’ve never personally met Vivian or any of her staff, I feel like they are a true part of our team. It is not uncommon for me to hear from someone on Vivian’s team early morning or late in the evening to personally address a project that the whole team is involved in. I am more than a number to the E-typist team. Although we try to never abuse it, when something is “urgent” they go out of their way to take care of us, which in turn takes care of the client.”

E-Typist was founded by Vivian Saxe in 2006 after 30 years of legal secretary experience. We understand the pressure attorneys and legal staff feel when racing to meet deadlines. That’s why E-Typist always put our client first. Our goal is to be a part of your legal team.   

Q: What are three takeaways you’d share with other law firms interested in using E-Typist?

A: “1) Look at this like an investment that will save you in the long run. 

     2) Time is money and E-typist knows how to get it done fast. 

     3) If your clients expect accuracy, then E-typist is for your firm.”

E-Typist specializes in transcription for attorneys with law firms of all sizes, focusing on accuracy, turnaround and affordability. If you’re ready to get started with the #1 transcription company for law firms, upload your files today.