1. Using an E-Typist Virtual Assistant Actually Saves You Money.

We don’t all need full-time assistants. Paying for downtime, sick days, medical benefits and withholding taxes means costs can add up for you and your clients. But with an E-Typist Virtual Assistant, you’re only charged for the time spent working on tasks and projects — whether that’s 1 hour or 10 hours a week or 30.


2. Skip the Hiring Process. We Skill Set Match For You.

There’s no need to post a job and sift through resumes. E-Typist personally selects your Virtual Assistant based on your needs and their vetted skills.

E-Typist Virtual Assistants have impressive resumes when joining the team, but we also validate skills so you’ll work with an efficient, accurate, and responsive professional. But we’re also happy to work with you and send resume/assessment details to ensure the right fit for your work.

If you’re curious, send us a note about the skills you’ll need.


3. Directly Communicate Projects and Tasks, However You’re Most Comfortable.

There are no automated machines or extra steps — just a real-life person ready to meet your needs quickly and accurately. Once E-Typist selects the perfect match for your work, that professional becomes your assistant that you’ll know and trust.

Email, telephone, video conference call, dictated voice instructions: you directly communicate with your E-Typist Virtual Assistant however you’re most comfortable. And the projects and possibilities are endless:

  • Draft retainer agreements
  • Manage your email
  • Receive and make phone calls
  • Transcribe correspondence
  • Calendar management
  • Report preparation
  • Mailings
  • Create client billings

Have more questions? Visit our Contact page to email us or just give us a call at (330) 474-7079.