virtual secretary

Successfully Managing a Legal Virtual Secretary

Communication is key! It may sound cliché but it is true. It’s important to be on the same page and this is accomplished by establishing clear communication guidelines at the outset of the relationship. For example, turnaround goals, who is copied in email communications, calendaring protocol, and expectations about availability to work. If your virtual secretary is assisting your in-house staff, then in-person meetings using video chat like...
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You Can’t Do it Alone

We recently shared this article from Attorney at Work, which outlined just a few (of the many) ways that support staff make it possible for an attorney to continue to practice law. The post highlights the importance of the relationship between lawyers and their staff.   For every long-standing relationship between a lawyer and his office manager, there are several that won’t even last a year   Thinking about this relationship and...
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E-Typist sponsor of Cleveland Metro Bar association Golf Outing

E-Typist Sponsors Cleveland Metro Bar Assn Golf Outing Lunch

Recently (June 29, 2015), we were very honored and pleased to be a lunch sponsor for the Cleveland Metro Bar Association’s annual Golf Outing. It was a beautiful morning, and we hope that everyone was able to golf between raindrops later in the afternoon. It was a pleasure to meet so many new people! Here are a few of our shots from the event:       And in case you didn’t know, E-Typist is a member of the MVP...
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paying someone to make copies

Paying Top Dollar for Copies?

Post by Vivian Saxe, President & CEO of E-Typist I recently heard from a transcription client who I hadn’t talked to in a while, and he was telling me that recently he and the other partners in his firm were looking at ways to shave a bit off the budget without sacrificing quality of work. (We’ve all been there, right?) I knew that the firm did a lot of paper-heavy government work, which meant that all too often their assistants were...
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Introducing E-Typist Plus

If you already use a dictation service, you understand that your time is valuable and that being able to delegate tedious, time-consuming tasks is the key to maintaining a profitable practice. But stop for a moment and think about what other tasks fall into this category? Things that you know you should be doing to build your business but may not have the time or energy to deal with yourself, such as marketing, research, client follow-ups,...
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Improve your dictation with these transcriptionist tips

Honing Your Dictation Skills

Have you ever thought about what your transcriptionist might be thinking while listening to your dictation? “That one must put marbles in his mouth before he starts dictating,” is one of my favorite complaints. Then there are those jobs that can make a transcriber’s day. When I see certain names pop up in my queue, I smile. I feel energized and ready to do a good job. I want to keep them happy. These are the well-paced, clear, and organized...
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The best cloud dictation for your transcription – including save and finish later

  As technology and competition increase, there has been a noticeable decline in pricing of most things tech-y. Nine years ago when we launched our legal transcription service, the best dial-in dictation system available was three times the cost of the best dial-in (now known as the cloud) dictation today. Gotta love American capitalism! It certainly keeps us on the hunt for the next big thing. And back in 2006, if you dialed in your...
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attorney needs help managing legal calendar

Mangaging Your Law Office Calendar

What is an example of the type of service our virtual paralegals provide? Today we explain how your paralegal can help manage your law office calendar. For most attorneys, this simply involves creating a separate login for their virtual paralegal. Or said another way, anything you can do online, so can your paralegal. This means your paralegal can access your calendar with a click of a mouse. Think of all the ways this can assist you: You...
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Let our virtual paralegals handle the mundane phone calls and client paperwork

Opening New Matters

We are regularly asked to give an example of the type of service our virtual paralegals provide. Today we explain how your paralegal can open new matters for you. This task may very well be the next logical task for your paralegal to undertake after s/he has transcribed your voicemail for you. If your paralegal notices that one of your voicemail messages was left by someone confirming their intention to retain you, your paralegal can...
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