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Analogue vs. Digital Dictation

Many lawyers I know were taught to dictate into small, hand-held devices from the time they started practicing law.  There were many advantages of dictating over typing up a document ourselves.  In fact, some of us started practicing in the era before every office had its own computer and so dictating our work was not optional, it was required.  As time has passed and technology has improved, we now hear our colleagues touting the benefits of digital dictation.  I have discovered that digital dictation is superior in many ways to analogue dictation, for both the individuals doing the dictating as well as for those handling the transcription.

If you are in the market for updated dictation equipment, consider the following advantages of digital dictation:

  • Ability to utilize your smartphone & eliminate further purchases
  • Low maintenance & lower cost than traditional analogue tape-based recorders
  • High quality recording in a variety of formats
  • Ability to transmit over the internet
  • Ability to attach a priority ranking

At E-Typist, we have partnered with ChartNet to ensure a seamless transcription process for our clients.  With a few clicks of the mouse, digital files are uploaded to the internet and transmitted to our e-typists, and then the typed product is automatically imported back to the attorney for immediate use.  Our clients tell us that this automated feature of our transcription service enables them to save time and, ultimately, earn more money.

If you would like to learn more about E-Typist, please call us at 330-688-0384.  You will love learning how this will make the practice of law easier for you too.


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