About E-Typist

E-Typist offers transcriber services and virtual assistance for busy professionals.

The E-Typist transcriber team is comprised of a network of US-based typists. Our pool of dedicated typists not only have expert transcribing and editing skills but are fluent in “legal-ese” and easily adapt to a variety of speaking styles and regional accents. E-Typists can transcribe a variety of legal documents and general transcriptions efficiently and securely.

E-Typist virtual assistants may work remotely but they take a hands-on and personalized approach and are friendly and responsive. Our clients delegate work to their assistants to create legal documents and do other tasks with indirect or minimal supervision on an as-needed basis.

E-Typist is the key to making businesses run smoothly and a perfect solution for:

1) Law firms or solo practitioners that need to scale staff up or down for the busy times — and the not so busy times. Workloads fluctuate, but so can E-Typist: pay for what you need, when you need it.
2) Businesses with overhead constraints. Personnel costs (like computers, phones systems and medical benefits) add up quickly. Let E-Typist be your admin team at a fraction of the cost.
3) Professionals that need the work done right, the first time (and every time). E-Typists and Virtual Assistants bring demonstrated skillsets, experience, reliability and professionalism to help with the administrative, so you can focus on clients and billable hours.

Ready to get started? Let’s chat.

Reach out today to talk with a real person about your needs, or to learn more about our legal transcription and virtual assistants. Give us a call at 1-833-ETYPIST. Toll-free 1-833-389-7478.

You can depend on E-Typist to help keep your growing business operating efficiently. Let’s discuss your business and see how E-Typist can work for you. Use our Contact Us page, chat feature or call 1-833-ETYPIST (1-833-389-7478) today!

What our Clients and our Typists say

“I would sum up my experience working with E-Typist in one word: excellent! It has provided our firm with an inexpensive and prompt service to handling our dictation needs, while freeing up staff in the office to address other tasks. I was very skeptical at first, especially thinking that the system would be too difficult to use or that the transcriptionist would not be able to handle the medical terms utilized. On both accounts these worries were unfounded. The work product is excellent. I would recommend these services to anyone looking for a transcriptionist. As a matter of fact, I have recommended them to numerous firms that have contacted me for such services.”

Gloria L. Bolona Office Administrator, Orlovsky Moody Schaaff & Conlon

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