E-Typist offers fast, accurate transcription with US-based typists.

E-Typist is comprised of a network of US-based typists. Typists and proofreaders have expert transcribing and editing skills. They are also fluent in “legal-ese” and easily adapt to a variety of speaking styles and regional accents. 

At the Helm of E-Typist is Founder and CEO Vivian Saxe:

“After earning degrees in Office Management and Secretarial Science, my legal secretarial career spanned 30 years before I launched E-Typist in 2006. I worked for large firms and solo practitioners alike, supporting lawyers in personal injury litigation, family law, trusts and estates, and tax law. I was also the Court Secretary at the Akron Municipal Court for several years, where I assisted the judiciary.

Wherever I worked, I found transcribing was always a large part of the day, so when I started E-Typist I took those experiences to heart, developing a service that provides the support I saw lawyers and their teams needed most.

I also love the benefit of managing the business and working from a home office myself! When I’m not working or networking, I enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends.”

Let’s chat about your business!

Whether it’s your short-term goals or your lifelong vision, let’s have a conversation owner-to-owner about the options that I might have to offer and at what prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need this transcribed ASAP, but I don't have an account. How do I expedite service?

Use our Order page to send us your audio/video file(s), contact information and instructions. We will contact you to confirm the turnaround time, prices and your billing information. 

Can I send a dictation from my smartphone?

Yes. Most dictation apps allow you to email files. If your app has been set to “save to device”, you can upload those files to us from your device using our Order page.

Can I email my audio files to you?

Yes. You can email files and instructions to our service desk at Answers@etypist.com. However, some files may be too big to add as an attachment to your email. Upload your files using our Order page and include instructions there. We will contact you if there are any questions.

Can you use my templates?

 Yes. We can also create templates for you. Upload any templates or letterhead along with your audio/video files on our Order page. You can also send them to our service desk at Answers@etypist.com.

Can you use our company's letterhead?

Yes. Upload a sample of your letterhead along with your audio/video files and we can add that to your template. Do you print onto special paper in your office? We can adjust your template to print properly onto your letterhead paper.

Where Do You Outsource Your Transcription Services?

All of our transcription work is done in the United States by typists with law office experience and who are qualified in legal transcription.

How do you deliver my finished transcripts?

Depending on your needed level of security, we offer a variety of delivery options ranging from email to encrypted links to authenticated server access.

How do you bill for your services?

First-time users and single-serving orders are billed upon delivery. If you love our work, you can set up a client account which is billed monthly and can be paid easily online or by mail. 

Can you transcribe cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs?

Yes. You can send them via U.S. mail to our address in Stow, Ohio. We will send the finished documents via email and return your tapes in the mail.

How is the work formatted?

We will create a template for the format, font size and style you prefer. If no specs are provided, we will use 1″ margins, 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced for pleadings and single spaced on all other documents.

Can you print my documents for me?

Yes. We can print and mail your documents for an additional charge. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we’ll find a solution.

Do you transcribe handwritten notes?

 Yes. We can transform old PDFs, scanned notes and documents into editable Word documents. Simply upload those files using our Order page or email them to our service desk at Answers@etypist.com.

Where are your offices located?

We are based in Stow, Ohio, situated between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. Our transcriptionists work from their homes, some in the Akron/Cleveland area, and all in the United States.