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E-Typist offers fast, accurate legal and courtroom transcription with US-based typists.

E-Typist is comprised of a network of US-based typists. Typists and proofreaders have expert transcribing and editing skills. They are also fluent in “legal-ese” and easily adapt to a variety of speaking styles and regional accents. E-Typist can transcribe a variety of legal documents, correspondence and interviews efficiently and securely to support your office year-round or on an as-needed basis.

At the Helm of E-Typist is Founder and CEO Vivian Saxe:

“After earning degrees in Office Management and Secretarial Science, my legal secretarial career spanned 30 years before I launched E-Typist in 2006. I worked for large firms and solo practitioners alike, supporting lawyers in personal injury litigation, family law, trusts and estates, and tax law. I was also the Court Secretary at the Akron Municipal Court for several years, where I assisted the judiciary.

Wherever I worked, I found transcribing was always a large part of the day, so when I started E-Typist I took those experiences to heart, developing a service that provides the support I saw lawyers and their teams needed most.

I also love the benefit of managing the business and working from a home office myself! When I’m not working or networking, I enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends.”

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