WORKPOOL DICTATION (24 hour or less turnaround)
Transcription of all general and legal standard dictation:

* uploaded to our server from your smartphone;
* uploaded to our server from your PC;
* using our dial-in dictation;
* sent from your handheld device through Chartnet voice reader software.
1.20¢ per word

Transcription of general and legal dictation with multiple speakers, such as interviews, conference calls, and recorded conversations
Transcription of all scanned PDF and faxed documents
Medical transcription, including Independent Medical Examination reports
1.5¢ per word

Transcription of audio-taped court proceedings
1.75¢ per word


We will assign your account to a single typist, so that you can also collaborate on projects requiring editing and finalization.  Your dedicated e-typist will have access to communication tools, including Dedicated E-Typist VOIP number, shared calendar, instant messaging and video conferencing, cloud server for creating and editing documents and spreadsheets, and vault security for document storage.  You are charged only for services provided as needed and billed in 6 minute increments at $30.00 per hour. Contact Us to set up a free consultation.


For projects requiring specialized experience and paralegal certification, your paralegal will have access to the tools described above, and you are charged only for services provided as needed at $40.00 per hour and billed in 6 minute increments.  Contact Us to set up a free consultation.


All work is invoiced monthly on the first day of the month for the work performed the previous month. A detailed statement with job numbers and corresponding word count will be provided.

Terms are Net 15 Days. Timely payment is required to keep your account active.