Pre-employment Questionnaire

Flexible schedules

E-Typist legal transcriptionists have the flexibility of scheduling their own hours to fit their lifestyles, and work around career and family demands.

Get promoted and earn more money!

E-Typist virtual assistants work with one or more clients to provide virtual support, and generally will need to be available during normal business hours, but still are able to maintain flexibility through project and time management.

E-Typist virtual assistants are assigned to the transcription work queue, and may qualify for promotion to virtual assignments when available and only after demonstrating the reliability and commitment needed, because someone is depending on you to show up for work every day!

Good skills a must

E-Typist provides transcription services for hundreds of clients, so the ideal candidate will need to quickly demonstrate the ability to transcribe dictation in varying degrees of difficulty, including heavy regional accents, rapid speaking, and some distorted audio, and background noise, with an average turnaround of 3 times the length of the audio file.

Qualified typists will have excellent grammar and spelling skills, and a command of the English language and produce a high quality work product, and so only applicants with a minimum of three years’ legal transcription experience or experience working in a law office setting will be considered.

Equipment needed

Independent contractors will need a reliable computer with Windows Vista, 7, 8 or higher operating system; an Infinity wav foot pedal, good headphones, and DSL or other high speed Internet connection. Transcription software is provided at no charge, and checks are processed bi-monthly.

How to apply

Send us your resume and cover letter to, outlining the scope of your interest in the position, and if you’re a good fit, we will contact you and tell you how to get started.